Thursday, April 26, 2012


Another absolute gem, Gemma, found on I love Wildfox, I heart Gemma, and I've never seen these pictures before, always exciting.

I love the makeup with the eyelashes drawn in, just so awesome. I apologize for the lack of a more impressive vocabulary, I have puggy puppy mush brain.


Mango Spring campaign, via I love Wildfox. Love Anna in these, very dreamy.


Well my posting has gone to pug. Not to pot to pug. And I do adore our little Hanna, but she sure can be a stinker! We thought about changing her name to Stinker, but then have decided to keep it at Hanna, I mean, we don't want to give a complex.

Have a few weddings on the horizon, one of my friends and my sister. I am in both wedding parties, as is my husband. So excited!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

721 - Its a Pug's life for me...

Wow. Life has been, well happening.

I haven't posted as much since my husband and I added to our family of 2, with the addition of Hanna, our pug pup, life as we knew it changed.