Friday, January 8, 2010


Still building a home...

Every night is spent on it, but when you know the payoff, it is not discouraging, but incouraging. Knowing what is to come, with our first home, that holds all the things we love, and even some things I don't need, maybe love but don't need.

I have an unusally hard time throwing away anything. And I mean anything....but that is not without saying I have given away a tonne of clothing, like quite literally, a tonne.

And yet I still have to much, "stuff," but it's my stuff. Somehow I need it. To remind of a good time, even a sad time, it just reminds me. My memory is ok, but I forget alot and get reminded of it by looking through what I have accumilated up until this point. I am by no means a horder. I don't live in Chaos, the total opposite.

I need clean lines, orginzation, everything in just the right spot. The rest, the things I can't get rid of get put into storage, which I don't look at. Which totally contradicts what I have said.

Do you have anything like that in your life, things you don't need, but still, need?

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