Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Far and away, the highlight for me of Fashion's Night out, wss catching site of Anna Wintour as she hurried into the Rug Company in Soho, and then well, following her in, and then to be treated my Hamish Bowles taking the stage and singing some of the sweetest tunes. I loved how much Anna looked on at him with a proud look on her face. For how great he was. It was such a treat to stubble upon this little chance siting.

There was lots of room, no guards at the door, no lines, no rudeness. I was right in front, got to watch the whole thing and felt so special to be able to watch this little show.

I have more pictures, but this is right when this memory card ran out, and I slipped in another one.

In the last one, I think Anna is looking at me? Maybe? Well we were wearing the same shirt!

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