Tuesday, July 12, 2011


How do you begin to explain one of the best times of your life?

Well that was what this weekend was for me with all my best girls took me on a trip to Seattle to celebrate my upcoming wedding.

They spoiled me, took care of me, surprised me and went all out to make sure I was happy.

Pimps cups with crystals with free poured Stoli 
The Veil (I'll leave it at that, if you were there, you know)
Rooftop drinks and shots with games
 Shop till you drop, happy hours with non-stop fun
Bar dancing with wind and water, falling off beds, covered in sparkles, 
Never laughed so hard 
Gas stations with only "outdoor" washrooms (sick), 
still getting ID'd 
McDonald's in the Marriot Lobby 
Kate, Ashley, Stephanie, Courtney, Tracy, Denise and Rose 
all made this a time to remember and talk about forever.


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